Clever Hippo

A high-end backpack product for children, especially designed for special purposes. We re-build the website from MY KINGDOM source code base, working with MY KINGDOM’s AX to manipulate functions.

  • UI/UX Design
    User-friendly and easy to shop
  • Website Development
    Easy to customize the website
Project challenges
  • Time restricted
  • Analyse website’s flow to redesign the website with improved UI/UX - moderner and more elegant, matching with target audience.
Eastplayers' solutions
  • Analyze & research into the age range of target users to make sure the new design matching their taste
  • Analyze the current architect of My Kingdom's website
The results
UI/UX Design & Website
10.000+ monthly users
Optimized for E-commerce website
Budget - Timeline
  • Budget: > 5000$
  • Timeline: 1 month
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