ERP Kha Kim

A new ERP for an E-commerce company (size 200 employees). This new ERP will be applied for Sales team, Marketing team, Operation team, Warehouse team, Finance & Accounting team, and Management board.

  • Architect
    Scalable & well-structured
  • Stability
    < 1% downtime
  • Business Insight
    Business Insight of E-commerce in Vietnam
Project challenges
  • Time restricted
  • Integrate multiple Third-party services
Eastplayers' solutions
  • Develop Facebook & Instagram Messenger Based solution for Sales team, integrating their 50+ fanpages into one channel in which sales team (more than 100 staff) can chat with buyers, call, create orders, apply suitable promotion available in system for each buyer, track order and status of orders.
  • Develop Filter function for Facebook & Instagram Messenger Based solution. Sales team can filter with phone number, date,...
The results
Cross-functional ERP
Human Resources
Reduce 50% sales team cost for Kha Kim
Digital marketing
Reduce 50% cost for Digital marketing tools
Budget - Timeline
  • Budget: > 50.000$
  • Timeline: 9 months
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