GO.CARE is a healthcare platform that allows users to search for the best health care & beauty facilities in the country, city or where you live. GO.CARE is a member of Hello Health Group – a leader in health information in Asia. Their mission is to provide useful health information, help consumers stay healthy, and make better health choices.

  • UI/UX Design
    User-friendly design and embodies Healthcare start-up at the same time
  • Platform Development
    Building a MVP super fast from the scratch to get into the market
Project challenges
  • Time restricted
  • Complex business logic
Eastplayers' solutions
  • We played a role as technical consulting to define their business logic displayed in the platform and developed at the same time.
  • We help to balance delivering the project with strict timeline for the team’s market gain process and investment plan. At the same time. the platform was coded with scalability mindsets.
The results
Complete Platform with easy-to-use CMS
Monthly visit
14,301 users
Number of clients
Budget - Timeline
  • Budget: > 15.000$
  • Timeline: 3 months
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