Tribee App

HR Internal App for employees in large-size companies such as GS25, Zuellig Pharma, ELCA, etc. The App is used for giving rewards to each other, elevating the company’s values.

The App is integrated with Shopify for purchasing functions.

  • App Development
    Building the product super fast from the scratch to get into the market
  • Security
    Meeting global security standard as the App is used by multiple global companies
  • Architect
    Well-structured architect to substain 100.000+ active users/day
Project challenges
  • Time restricted
  • Complex business logic
  • Easy to customize the App logic with each client
Eastplayers' solutions
  • We help to balance delivering the project with strict timeline for the team’s market gain process and investment plan.
  • At the same time, the App was coded with scalability mindsets.
The results
Global clients
10+ with 100.000+ users
Complete product & easy-to-use CMS
Well-structured & scalable
Budget - Timeline
  • Budget: > 20.000$
  • Timeline: 4 months
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