We position ourselves as Players from the East of the globe, who are naturally passionate about technology advances and how to craft them into business solutions. Eventually, we are Insightful Players.

we lean our ways toward insights through

insightful projects

At EastPlayers, we select projects very carefully, with the key focus on the ones that bring our #fast-growth and #insights-gain. In this way, for each project, we ensure treating it as our own product - always giving the most thoroughly researched or experienced business and technology insights and perfecting every detail to cooperate with our clients for the highest-quality products. "We build products that make us proud"

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insightful culture

At EastPlayers, to encourage insights building, we treat each other with #trust and evaluate work with #result-oriented mindset. By #trust, it means we give full authority to everyone's personal work management, thus fostering their self-discipline while maintaining their free space and personal identities for unique insights gain, as well as creativity and productivity. Also, by #result-oriented, we shift almost whole focus on work results rather than any other factors to ensure right assessment and motivations.

insightful panels

At EastPlayers, we initiate a weekly activity called "Round Table Dev" to foster #learning and #sharing spirit.
Our aim of hosting these events is to develop people at EastPlayers, in specific, and connect with Technology and Business experts, in general, by constantly encouraging them to stay curious about every step along their journey and ready to add values to faster and deeper development of each other and our partners. Eventually, we build up more and more successful, impactful and sustainable world-class digitized business.

we treat each other as family members: grow fast but leave no one behind

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